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Improving economic conditions means lots more paint is being sold.

The industry is a stable safe harbor for small investors with reasonable dividends.

Share prices are high but the upside is even greater.

Let’s put aside jokes about the boredom of watching paint dry. I covered that butt in previous Seeking Alpha articles. The companies I recommended in those articles that looked like good buys proved to give investors returns of 25% or more. Environmental conditions are even more favorable in 2016, so expect expanding paint sales and profitability from manufacturers. It justifies buying into the paint industry, which is a relatively stable industry and safe harbor.

Strong paint sales depend on six environmental conditions:

  • People moving from where they are living into other existing houses
  • Young and middle aged people buying new homes and cars
  • Rising confidence about jobs, higher savings rates, and lower personal debt
  • Stable interest rates making mortgages less expensive
  • More spending by businesses on capital projects especially office and real estate development, and
  • Growing numbers of renovations of commercial properties and family housing.

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