I limit posts to healthcare and  business matters, but the headlines now, even about business futures, are consumed by matters relating to the Presidential election. Americans are being played for fools and it is the powerful destroying our democracy:

Here’s a point made in a new book by the CIA agent (Debriefing The President: The Interrogation Of Saddam Hussein, by John Nixon, is published on December 29 by Bantam Press) who interrogated Saddam Hussein. President Bush blamed the CIA for his administration’s failures in Iraq: “In his 2010 memoir, Bush wrote: ‘I decided I would not criticise the hardworking patriots of the CIA for the faulty intelligence on Iraq.’ But that is exactly what he did. He blamed the agency for everything that went wrong and called its analysis ‘guesswork’ while hearing only what he wanted to hear.”

Sounds similar to President Obama blaming the CIA for faulty intelligence:http://www.wsj.com/articles/obama-on-faulty-intelligence-1412033252 And now we are supposed to believe them when they try to derail the last US election? If the American people can’t believe our Presidents, the media is full of fake news, and newspapers & tv news stakeout partisan positions, they are destroying democracy not the people.

It reminds me of a quip from my four-years-old granddaughter when asked ,”Who spilled the milk?” She ruefully responded, “Not me!”