My first background article addressing the wonder chemical graphene for Seeking Alpha cautions investors to the high risks involved:

· There are few publicly traded companies.

· They are in the R&D stage of development, or in

· Mining minerals that carry heavy baggage from governments

· Seed stage of developing with unconfirmed products for commercial and healthcare applications, and

· Companies are hindered by high costs and first stage technology for producing graphene in mass quantity.

Unending Growth Potential

Nevertheless, it is the most exciting new industry since the digital revolution.Materials & Chemicals Market Research News just released a report affirming, “We expect that China’s graphene market size will grow at a compound annual rate of over 90% in 2016-2020.” It also lists more than a dozen companies engaged in mining minerals, R&D, and commercialization of graphene.

My biochemist educated son forwards science articles to me practically every day. Articles about graphene awakened me to the ways graphene will change our lives. The potential for graphene commercialization is seemingly unending, a sui generis.

Information about new applications of graphene in science publications out in the few short weeks since my article in Seeking Alpha detail applications for graphene having the potential to detect cancer cells, improve 3-D printing, make ammunition and guns more efficient and effective, produce a super-strong silk that conducts electricity, helps other materials handle 1,000 times more current than regular materials, build better, safer and longer lasting lithium ion batteries (demand is growing 20% per year), fuel cells, and nuclear reactors.

How to Proceed with Investments