Mar. 6, 2017 8:08 AM ET


About: Cabot Corporation (CBT)

Dr. Harold Goldmeier
Growth, momentum, growth at reasonable price

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Investors anxious to get on the graphene bandwagon can do so safely and smart by considering Cabot Corporation.

Graphene product sales will not contribute much to CBT’s bottom line anytime soon, but the company is betting on the potential for graphene to enhance breakthrough product offerings.

The plethora of news about product breakthroughs stir the investment pot like witnessed with the pari passu marijuana industry with exploding stock prices, but don’t be suckered in yet.

Goldman Sachs calls graphene “The Miracle Metal,” while science and innovation publications call it “the wonder chemical.” Graphene-Info claims graphene is “set to revolutionize a lot of industries, including sensors, batteries, conductors, displays, electronics, energy generation, medicine and more.” A 2017 Goldman report, suggests graphene is disrupting innovation in consumer and industrial goods fields. The Home of Graphene from the University of Manchester has a marvelous video explaining graphene and its endless possible applications.