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Goldman Sachs calls graphene “The Miracle Metal” that is disrupting innovation in consumer and industrial goods fields. Science and innovation publications call it “the wonder chemical.”

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Graphene-Info, based in Israel, claims graphene is “set to revolutionize a lot of industries, including sensors, batteries, conductors, displays, electronics, energy generation, medicine and more.” The Home of Graphene from the University of Manchester has a marvelous video explaining graphene and its endless possible applications.

There are some 100 pure graphene companies (about 15 are public) largely sustained by joint partnerships and investments, i.e., support from legacy corporations, mining companies, government investments, and venture funds. These start-ups are financially risky with sparse sales and no profits. Three years ago, The Graphene Council warned investors, beware of “graphene play” stock investments that may be scam companies. Nevertheless, graphene research and development is turning into an exciting new industry with potential for changing the manufacture of products and their sustainability.

Israeli researchers are also investigating graphene’s value. For example, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and University of Western Australia researchers have developed a new process for use in energy storage and other material applications that is faster, potentially scalable and surmounts some of the current graphene production limitations. Yaniv Katan, a scientist at Technion, worked on an international team of scientists discovering new ways to turn electricity into light using graphene.

Following are some exciting news events stirring the graphene investment pot, but not necessarily safe investments as of yet.

  • SP Nano of Yavne, Israel developed a nano-reinforced protein agent leading to production of lighter, stronger and longer lasting materials for instance in rubber products. Products can coat glass polyester, carbon and aramid fabrics, and yarns with a nanometric dispersion enabling their customers to produce lightweight composite products with superior strength, all at an affordable cost. Together with its US partner, Graphene Technologies they were awarded $850K from the BIRD Foundation two years ago.